Collaborate and share files without compromising on security

Sending documents and communicating outside of your organisation via email is not secure or collaborative. Using secure Hubs to share sensitive documents and communications, that can be accessed from any device is the way forward.

Gain Control

Present your clients, partners, and colleagues with all the content they need in one secure and accessible place. Preview files, download or print and search through all the files content using our powerful advanced search tool.

Effortless sharing

Upload files directly into the files module or integrate with your Document Management System for a seamless workflow. Add documents to folders and administer strict granular rights to control and manage who has access to folders and files and what can be done with them i.e. download.

Added security for your clients

Envoyez vos documents de manière sécurisée, en générant un lien de téléchargement protégé ou non par un mot de passe. Ajoutez une date d’expiration limitée dans le temps, administrez des droits d’accès à votre destinataire et recevez une notification par mail dès l’ouverture.

Ultimate efficiency with our Outlook connector

No longer rely on ordinary email attachments to share files, being limited by maximum file sizes, resulting in split files and numerous email threads that could be lost. Instead, automatically share large files using Hubshare’s Outlook connector.